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Dr. Irvin L. Wagner

Irvin L. Wagner is positive, enthusiastic musician who enjoys making good music in all styles.  He is constantly trying to provide musical situations where the public and the musician can come together to share a rewarding experience.  He views music not as something to be observed as if in a museum but as something to be felt, experienced, enjoyed and shared.  His constant goal is to have both the performer  and the audience feel stimulated and fulfilled.

This concept of making music comes naturally for  "Irv" because he grew up singing gospel and country music with his family, played classical solos on his trombone from a very early age, and started playing jazz while still in high school.  These experiences lead him to be involved with audiences of every type, and he always strived to please the listeners and his fellow musicians in every situation.  Is it any wonder then that he now is recognized in the nation and the world for his contributions as an "ambassador of good will."

Dr. Wagner has distinguished himself with many, many merits and has made a significant impact on trombone playing completely around the world.  He performs in all styles of music be it classical or jazz, he composes, he arranges, he conducts, he teaches, and he serves.  Even if you come to the most remote parts of this world: he has been there or they know about him and his trombone.

Irv served as President of the International Trombone Association from 1982-1984, and during his tenure traveled completely around the world performing, teaching, and organizing national trombone chapters in such countries as Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Greece, and Great Britain.  This activity around the world resulted in him being "the Most Listened to Trombonist in the World in the 80's" as he was heard by more than a quarter of the population of the earth.  This came about through his public performances in over 30 countries and especially through a television special in China viewed by over 600 million people and a radio recital in India heard by 500 million people.   More recently he has performed in Greece, Brazil, and in Rachmaninoff Hall at the Tchaikovsky conservatory of Music in Moscow, Russia.

Major honors have come to Dr. Wagner because of his untiring efforts.  He holds two  Distinguished Professorships, a David Ross Boyd Professorship and a Regents Professorship,  at the University of Oklahoma.  In 1988 Dr. Wagner was named "Oklahoma Musician of the Year" by the Federated Music Clubs of Oklahoma and the Governor of the State of Oklahoma.   An in 1997 the International Trombone Association gave him its highest award for his significant contributions to the world of trombone playing.

Irv holds a bachelors degree from McPherson College in Kansas and Masters and Doctors degrees from the Eastman School of Music.  He has been a member of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, and is currently a member of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra.


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